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Online poker vs table poker

Online poker vs table poker


As the name suggests poker is the game of gambling of card which is consider as basic skilled game. If you are good at poker nobody can take the victory from you. You can become a millionaire which just a hand full of cards…..

In today’s world everything has become online whether it’s your business or hanging out with friends you can do it online. So how can poker stay back in the race it gives birth to a new branch named as online poker…

What is table poker

Table poker is known as modern poker. As the history of poker is 1700 AD long and it was a famous game in European countries and was named as cards table. While modern poker name is a new look which is often enclosed with baize or speed cloth to help the cards transparency easily across the surface. Those used in professional televised poker feature “pocketcams” which can view a player’s pocket, or hole cards

Similarities between online poker and table poker

If you play a regular poker or online it has doesn’t make a quite difference it still poker. Means at the end of day you will make cash out of it if you know what the game is about. Players use the main style they bet buff and the best one wins the game. At the end of the day you need is a win

Difference between two

Some plays do not agree with that both are similar as the nature of two is quite different for one you have to be mentality alert and present and other is you have to both physically there to enjoy the full environment of poker. Online poker has similarity like online game you can just sit in your Living room couch and enjoy the game play tricks and win the price money. But when it comes to playing live you have to follow-up all the decorum of the game.

Many top key player of poker now a days prefer online poker as its much more relaxing and you can use your cognitive skills and brain game in a very claim way. Peer pressure is decrease and you can have more focus on game while playing live in a casino. Yup they have their own benefits but at the end of the day the chances of win is more when you are relax, open minded and no sharp eyes are watching you.

Advantages of online poker

Advantages of online poker

May be you are in business, service, you are a professional, a home maker, whatever. But you may not be having those guts and courage to travel long distances and spend hefty bucks on traveling, food, accommodation, etc., just for the simple reason that you love to wager your hard-earned money in formatted games of chance like poker. For, as you start on turning the pages of your check-book, you would find it quite costly to spend on a regular poker table. It can’t be defied that playing poker in a land-based casino is more than fun, yet it is not one which can be a regular exercise.

Best the thing is that, you don’t have to keep yourself astray if you are one of those who is short of time and money for making up your play in a real casino. Yes, it is the mighty online poker. Some online poker rooms are available offering different variations of poker to choose from which fits in the best according to your criteria.

All Time and Global Availability

First-off, one is free to play poker at any odd time of the day. Notwithstanding that it is the middle of the night or dawn breaking; you can go on flexing your fingertips for taking the pleasure of winning the handsome amount of money. Secondly, you are restricted to limits of a certain country, city, state, etc. as the internet is a global subject. You can play it from any corner of the world against the one who is also from a different part of the earth.

Desired Atmosphere

Sitting at home at your PC or at your laptop you have a playing atmosphere of your own. You don’t have the customary dress code relevant in a land-based casino or are not suffocated by sitting in the smoky poker room. May be you are in your night dress (whatever you are comfortable in), and nobody is watching you, so you do not require to conceal your sentiments as well.

Offer Free Poker Games

Last but not the least, there are some gaming websites that offer you online poker rooms free of charge. This stands to be an excellent alternative if you are not in a mood to spend money over a certain amount of hands.

Amidst of all these advantages, there are certain few more benefits relevant with the online poker are that even the disabled can have the pleasure of gaming in the online version of poker. Moreover, those who are homemakers, who get a little time to spend on themselves, online poker stand to be the best alternative for them.

The online version of games of chance has due to the advantages above bought a boom in the industry of gambling on the Internet.

The 7 uncommon facts of playing poker online

The 7 uncommon facts of playing poker online

What are the facts of playing poker online that you need to know today? When you have information before even thinking about playing, you will increase your chances of winning big margins online on the game. Here are the uncommon facts of playing poker online to remember:

1. Have strategies when playing

Having strategies is among the uncommon facts of playing poker online that you must remember when you want to get better deals when playing. When you have information, you will always be certain that you would learn on the skills that would enable you play the game much faster.

2. Start by playing the low-stakes poker

Even for an individual used to playing very high-stakes cash games, should start with lower-stakes when they want to improve their skills and confidence on the game. During the period, you will always be able to get the best deals when playing. Never play at high stakes when lack experience needed for the specific level.

3. Become familiar with all new playing online aspects

Hurdles that you must overcome on your first few sessions often include aspects unique online poker, like using a time-bank feature. When you have information on these new aspects, you will plan your game thus helping you to understand the game before you can be able to play it well. In addition, you are likely to win with confidential information.

4. Start by playing a given single table

You must remember that tempting to jump right away into multi-tabling, may have numerous challenges when you lack information on the poker online. However, with a great understanding of technical online poker aspects, you will know what to do if you want to get more returns when playing.

5. Create a unique-free zone for playing

Without any sitting constraints at a physical casino table, many online players today fall into numerous available solutions that would work for you. You will understand the kind of options that would work for you especially when you need to win easily.

6. Consider making any key hardware update

Creating a perfect environment for you to play online poker is a hardware issue. When you have information on how to play it, you will always be certain that you would get the best in terms of values when playing. In addition, you should ensure that you make your work area for you in a positive environment if you want to increase chances of winning.

7. Use software functionality to your advantage

When playing online, you must learn on how to use software functionality to your advantage if you want to get more returns.

In conclusion, the above are the facts of playing poker online that you need to know today.


Top 3 best online casino to play poker

Top 3 best online casino to play poker

There are plenty of online casinos to choose from. My pick of the Top 3 best are Zodiac Casino, Captain Cooks Casino and Luxury Casino. They are recommended for die-hard and casual gamers alike. Each of the casino’s game varies and none are alike. If you are going to stake your money on gambling you would like to check out the best. You can sign up for free and start playing. All of them offer welcome bonus which you will receive after signing up with the site of your choice. They boast of huge libraries and some newly adapted games. These three sites offer the highest level of security, all your financial transactions and private details are kept safe; and guarantee the best quality play. These casinos offer mobile versions so that you can play on your tablet or phone. You can connect through to any of the three casinos mentioned below and seek out further information on each one.

Zodiac Casino

Zodiac Casino, powered by Microgaming is quick to install and easy to run. It is astrologically themed, hence the name, and appeals to the senses with its astral design which incorporates the star signs and casino facets. Its Video Poker offers a range of games such as Jacks or better, Deuces Wild 4-line, Joker Poker, Aces and Faces, Mega Jacks and many others. The Zodiac offers players an exceptional bonus of $20 including 80 free chances.
It has a reliable banking system and great customer support, the reason why the site has won The Best New Online Casino and Best Casino Service awards.

Captain Cooks Casino

Captain Cooks Casino, one of the first to get Microgaming licensed, is named after the famed Captain James Cook, who discovered most of the Polynesian Islands. The look is historical and amps the feeling of adventure and discovery. They offer over thirty video poker games including single and multiple hand versions.
For more than fifteen years the casino has enjoyed a solid reputation in banking systems and excellent customer service.

Luxury Casino

Luxury Casino was established in 2001. The site has an exciting crystalline, luxe interface.These casinos offer mobile versions so that you can play on your tablet or phone. You can connect through to any of the three casinos mentioned below and seek out further information on each one.
It gives a feel of sleekness and class. Their library has more than 40 different video poker titles.
The banking system is simple and speedy. Customer support is reliable and available 24/7.

Successful strategies to win at poker

Successful strategies to win at poker

Winning at online poker is very easy if you understand the fundamentals of the game, and you understand the functions of the software used by the online poker sites. One of the mistakes made by online poker players is that they attempt to use poker strategies to play the game in the same manner as they do in a live game. This often results in a failure of the player to cash or win consistently. Here are some successful strategies to win at poker.

Know who to play

The first golden rule of online poker is to know who to play. Just as in real live poker, you want to keep your eye on the various players at your table along with the style in which they are playing. A very tight player who has not played many pots is likely to be one person you do not want to get too involved with. Knowing who to play could be the difference between taking down a monster pot and taking down a little pot. You, of course want to always maximize your wins by getting the right people involved in the pot with you.

Know what to play

Timing is a large part of poker, and making an untimely move may cost you your stack or even worse. Select top hands when you are involving yourself in a pot with a tight player. On the other hand, involving yourself in a pot with an aggressive person or calling station may be good if you can trap them with the best hand after the flop. Selecting your starting cards and deciding what to play goes hand in hand with who to play.

Know when to play

This is likely the most difficult part for many poker players to grasp. The aspect of when to play is very important, because it could make or break your tournament. Decisions have to be made at the appropriate time in order to succeed in poker. One mistake could easily cripple you or end your opportunity to make the final table. Choosing the right time to make a move or play a hand is critical, and knowing when that time is the difference between an average player and an outstanding player. Get your mind tuned into your game and consider carefully the decisions you make as you progress through a tournament.

Discover the algorithms

The best possible poker strategy to win online poker is to learn those algorithms and understand how the software programs used by the online poker sites work. Once you have understood the computer generated programs and algorithms, you will easily adjust your game and even take a great advantage against your opponents.

If you follow these strategies,be sure that you will get most out of online poker.


Online Poker Bonuses

Online Poker Bonuses

An online poker bonus is promotions offered by different poker rooms to all kinds of online poker players from the newbie to expert. The online poker companies offered these bonuses to reward players for selecting their poker room over their competitors. In fact, these companies make the players loyal to their poker rooms by offering various kinds of bonuses. These bonuses are a great assist to those players who are regular poker players. This is because these bonuses help them at the time when their luck is not working well.

There are easy tips to help you find the best possible online poker bonus. The fact that most online poker sites now entice new users with sign up bonuses means that there are a wide variety of products out there, making it difficult for amateurs to distinguish between a good and a bad deal.

The WHY’s

The signup bonus offered by online poker sites only applies to your initial deposit. There are other related bonuses offered, though for a limited or short period, such as reload bonuses for making an additional deposit. A point to note, the real fun and earning in poker is from winning and not from these bonuses. However, these bonuses augment your financial position when you play in more than one room.

Tread cautiously

Always remember, the biggest online poker bonuses may not be the best possible option. You have to evaluate the whole deal; including the quality of the poker site (is it a first tier online poker website or just a shady fly-by-night fix-up?). So be careful around websites that offer too-lofty a sum as a bonus. It could well be a trap. Check out reviews from web sites you trust to find out who’s reputable.

Finding the best bonus

Research indicates that most first time subscribers end-up falling for it. The hidden clause, however, is that most sites allow you to try your luck at only one table at a time. Even you would agree that by doing this, the poker sites make it hard to clear the sign-up bonus in quick time. So, the tip here is to dig into the details and pick an online poker casino that offers great sign-up bonuses, yet allows you to play at multiple tables. To find such a site might sound difficult, but it is not impossible.

The other vital aspect to look at is the margin difference between the bonus offered and the amount you deposit. In simple terms, it means that most poker sites expect you to play a greater number of raked rounds, with higher monetary value, before they dispense the fractional bonus. Typically, such an amount is about ten times the promised bonus. So, the tip, in this case, is to find poker sites that warrant you to play a relatively lower number of hands (of lower value), before offering you the bonus.